It’s 3AM. The 45 minutes you’ve been asleep were frantic and ungratifying. There are still some drops of water on the table where you had spilled a few hours ago. You feel the familiar edges of the nightstand and discover the slab of metal and glass that you’d been searching for. “Yes, there it is”, you exclaim, your digital safety blanket finally at hand.

After 3 more hours of scrolling, reading, watching and listening it’s finally time to start your day. Or is it just a continuation of yesterday? Does it matter? What makes some things matter when others don’t? Yeah, you really could have used more sleep.

Your kitchen is just a few short stumbles away. The reheated coffee left from yesterday’s attempt at a proper breakfast is a warm but empty comfort. “What’s on the menu this morning…”, you think to yourself. “Eggs? Banana? Almonds? Nah I’ll grab something later”.

Back at your workstation, you notice a small discolored circle on your desk. The area is slightly worn and stained from the cups that have been here before. Today’s cup, like always, fits perfectly.

You savor this first moment of completeness knowing the day ahead is unlikely to be quite as peaceful.

Your laptop beckons! The standby light slowly pulsing as if to say “I’m here. I’m ready.” The two halves of the laptop open effortlessly and you gently melt into cyberspace where the machines support you, augment you, and sometimes they might just be you. is a blog and portfolio by Ben Norman. Thanks for reading.


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