Check out some of my recent and past experiences and projects.

This section is still a work in progress. Check back later for more projects and deeper content.

Conversational AI & Digital Agents

Custom-built digital agents in areas like customer order management, HR, procurement, IT, and sales enablement. These digital assistants help customers and employees get more done and have better experiences.

Intelligent Automation Product

A core enterprise automation platform that is generating nearly €2M in new efficiencies in 2020. This non-commercial SaaS product launched in January 2020 with little more than a vision statement, and now serves business functions including HR, Financial Services, IT, and Customer Care in 6 global regions.

Continuous Improvement Projects

20+ Lean & Six-Sigma improvement projects for millions of euros in bottom-line growth. These projects range from segments like educational products, medical devices, and energy management solutions to digital areas like e-commerce, IoT, and ERPs.